Academic Thesis

Town & Regional Planning (MA, Honours): The University of Dundee (2009) My undergraduate dissertation, focused on the regeneration and efficient use of brownfield land in the UK. I was inspired to investigate this element of development planning due to the importance of the efficient reuse of valuable land resource and achieve sustainable redevelopment of this. I am perennially intrigued by the patterns of urban development and how the regeneration of brownfield land can integrate successfully with the scale and design of the existing, often historic, built context.

Spatial Regeneration (MSc.): Queen’s University of Belfast (2010)                                                               My postgraduate Masters thesis studied the planning and decision making processes in Northern Ireland and the degree of influence which is afforded to the individual and the role of politics in planning. This involved a substantial literature review which analysed social ideologies and the changing role of individuals relative to distribution of power and influence. Research methodologies including informal, on-street interviews on a particular case study of a recent major application in a local context. The study challenged my depth of thinking relative to social inclusion and ability of end users to influence their own environment.