Remote working… in isolation?

The developing technological world is inevitably having an impact on working lifestyles and facilitating an ever more mobile world. There are obvious advantages for employees, be it personnel with a lengthy commute working from home a number of days per week, a female employee returning from maternity leave or a consultant with a broad geographical client base.

There are also the benefits to the environment. Less travel = lower emissions. However, there is a balance to be struck here. A key component to an effective workplace is the social aspect, with regular meetings and informal discussions having a positive influence on knowledge sharing and a sense of collectivism.

It is clear that working from home can be beneficial in many ways and can also provide a break from a hectic office environment. Depending on personality, it is more suitable to some than others. However, it will important in future for companies to ensure first-person interaction on a regular basis remains a key component of a productive and healthy working life, both for the company as well as the individual.