Research Projects

Research publications by the Scottish Government to which I contributed to during my experience as a Planning Consultant working at Ryden Property & Development Consultants.

  • Research on the Use of Simplified Planning Zones and Equivalent Mechanisms Used Outwith Scotland
    • This project studied international mechanisms which enable the efficient delivery of high volume residential development in order to inform the evolving Scottish planning system. Analysis and investigation review comparable methods throughout the UK, Ireland, as well as Germany, Denmark & the Netherlands. The research has contributed to the inclusion of a refreshed mechanism of ‘Simplified Development Zones’ within a new Planning Act, expected to be published in early 2019.
  • Research Project to Consider Planning Permission in Principle for Sites Allocated in the Development Plan
    • The study analysed the likely impact of grant of ‘planning permission in principle’ (or outline permission) for land allocated within the development plan. This piece of research involved extensive qualitative analysis of a diverse range of planning stakeholders across the public, private and non-governmental sectors. This included the ‘front-loading’ of information and the willingness of developers to invest without the security of an allocation of land for a specific use.