Guerrilla Gardening for the greater good

A global trend which emerged some years ago continues to flourish in towns and cities across the globe, transcending neighbourhoods and on the face of it, improving urban streetscapes. The health benefits of ‘getting one’s hands dirty’ is well documented and carrying out sporadic, but purposeful bouts of urban horticulture at street corners, junctions and public plazas is not only benefiting the nature and pleasantness of our streets, but also doubling as a point of social interaction.

In Copenhagen, there is evidence of such activity in many neighbourhoods, and in the case of Nordvest, this exists alongside street art and decorative gable ends which contribute positively to the streetscape and project a welcoming sense of place. Disused industrial yards and car parks have been transformed into hives of activity and the cultivating of herbs, vegetables and in some cases, hops. Unfortunately, in some instances, such activity will only be making way for development, however the prominent trend of roof top gardening will ensure the legacy of guerrilla gardening will be formalised, albeit in a privatised environment.

The essence and the purpose is retained, with opportunities for residents to mix and socialise with neighbours. An opportunity which may not have existed if not for the creative thought behind the original initiative.