Water and the future

As climate change steadily becomes reality, countless urban areas in close proximity to the oceans are attempting to find solutions to rising water levels and how the impact of water surges can be treated and used in a positive manner. Bangkok and Boston are two examples of how these ‘sinking cities’ are planning for sustainable…

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Incinerator Skiing!

Literally a dry run took place for 2 days of testing at Amager Bakke, also known as ‘Copenhill’, Copenhagen’s newest creative architectural concept, designed by BIG. The centre is due to open officially in May, making skiing in shorts a real possibility this summer in Denmark!

How viable are Garden Cities?

Interesting piece regarding the planning and implementation of garden cities in the UK. Ebenezer Howard’s concept has been attempted at several locations across the globe, primarily in European countries, as well as the United States (New Jersey) and Australia (Canberra, Adelaide). Can garden cities be a long term solution to the perennial housing shortages emerging…

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Politics & Planning, N.Ireland

North-South Inter-connector, Ireland A5 Regional Road upgrade, Northern Ireland Two examples of political turmoil and a lack of sitting Government in Northern Ireland having a detrimental and preventative impact upon vital essential infrastructure development. Something has to change in the near future in order to avoid investment in country being jeopardised at a time when…

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