Adoption of CPH Municipal Plan 2019

The new Copenhagen Municipal Plan ‘World City with Responsibility’ was adopted on Thursday 27th February and will come into effect from April. This sets the plans and policies for the development of the city in the period to 2031. The draft plan was subject to a number of significant changes which were adopted within the final plan:

  1. New build apartments minimum area of 40 sqm.
  2. All dwellings to be located within 300 metre of a ‘green area’ or 500 metres of a 2 hectare public open space.
  3. Journeys made by car should not comprise more than 25% of the total journeys made in CPH in 2025.
  4. Total of car parking spaces reduced by 30%, with the exception of areas with poor access to public transport.
  5. 50% of all new residential areas to achieve minimum dwelling size of 95 sqm, with a mix in the remaining 50%.
  6. 13 sqm minimum for youth/student housing units.
  7. Policy to promote the use of timber in construction.
  8. 1,800 new dwellings for citizens with special needs.

The Plan indicates a significant step in the modern compact growth of the city in respect of the construction 40 sqm apartments which will meet the demand for shrinking household sizes and single person residences. There is a clear move away from private car use, with pedestrians and cyclists set to gain road space vacated by vehicles.

There are also positive steps towards delivering housing of good quality for all, including students and those with special needs, with all new housing to be within easy walking distance of green areas.

The increased use of timber construction of new buildings is also an aspirational objective in theory, if the technology to enable the reuse of such materials can be advanced to match this in reality. The introduction of a more sustainable bus network in Copenhagen is to be expected in order to assist with the city’s zero emissions target by 2025.